Musical areas that wives (and husbands) can stomach!

Looking for some inspiration…

Soon I will be moving back home after renovations to my house are finished, where I will now have a dedicated space for my guitar gear and office equipment (I mainly work from home wit 2 monitors. I need to somehow store my gear (that I think looks awesome :grin:) in a way that doesn’t look too offensive to the wife (who hates guitar gear) and visitors.

Its a small 2m by 0.8m area against a wall and I currently have 2 lunchbox heads, 2x12, cab and about 4U of rack space required and pedal board

How does everyone organise their spaces?

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If you go to the fabric store and get some wonderful material, perhaps you can deploy a curtain to hide everything? In fact, you could get one that’s electric and integrate it to your home automation, perhaps with something like, “Alexa, open the curtain.” :rofl: Then every night at 0100 you can have an automation to close the curtain. The real benefit of this is that given your wife will rarely see anything, she won’t notice any new equipment.

(Actually, for my setup, I say, “Siri, turn on Fractal.”)


I like your style! haha!

They always find out. Always

The real trick is to convince them to let you buy an affordable version of what you want - an epiphone for example, so that they see it and are happy you only dropped £400 on it. You then take it back to the shop within the 30-day period and exchange for the Gibson -same model and finish… she might not realise!


I can recommend a good divorce lawyer . . . seriously though the person you should ask is your wife!