Musicians who use a lot of syncopation


I am looking for performers who use a lot of syncopation in solos
they play notes in advance or delay
(between 1 & 2 beat :slight_smile: or 2&3 or 3&4 )

They do not have to be guitarists
they do not have to be speed virtuosos
but they could play music from Fats Waller’s period (jazz blues dixie)
of course not necessarily.


Al Di Meola like weird rythmn stuff.


Wayne Krantz and Adam Rogers.


John Scofield.

Almost any jazz/bebop player.

Sonny Rollins particularly though has a habit of doing rhythmic things that make you go “what the hell just happened?”


herbie hancock for sure. brad mehldau, ari hoenig, dave holland, gilad hekselman, ben monder. +1 for wayne krantz. Jim Hall actually does some pretty wild rhythmic things espeically on his CD Alone Together with Ron Carter. On a surface listen it might sound like he’s playing very simply, but his rhythms are very complex.

oh yeah and pat metheny digs in as well:

this page has some very cool rhythmic stuff, you can then investigate the individual artists:


I would think George Benson belongs to this category, and he is also a good case study for DWPS!


Chick Corea is someone to transcribe and/or look at.


this vocal is insanely crazy! :smiley:

“Life was so unkind, cause now would have been his time
pay attention to how he sings bold text,for such delays I mean :slight_smile:


1:00 to 1:20 is an absolute ruthless lesson.


here’s music for that:’s%20The%20Time-265.jpg

if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, there’s quite a lot of it out there - just learn Charlie Parker melodies, other good ones are Billie’s bounce, dexterity, anthropology. Just a lot of 8th note upbeats, syncopation.

this book has them all written out:

Aiming for some more fundamental stuff, for anybody trying to get a basic handle on syncopations and reading rhythm, I highly recommend this book:

If ‘only one pitch’ drives you a little mad, this is also good:

I’ve worked with all the books I’ve linked here…all good stuff.


2:41 my favourite :slight_smile:
“Myyyy fa-shion plate ba-by


There’s an unending amount of sax players for whom it’s just second nature. I have my favourites, but there’s honestly not even a point in naming names as it’s so common with them.

Getting your hands on some sax transcriptions and books could be really insightful, both rhythmically and melodically.


Did You noticed repeating the note at the end 3:27 ??
paid attention,it’s so simple but soooooo much finesse is in it :slight_smile:
I can not stop listening to this phrase :smiley:

4:19 “There’s a truth to be told
But I don’t want you to go

“So Eeeempty aaand es-trAAanged”