My alternate picking: What’s wrong?

This is me using alternate picking.
I’m too slow (130 bpm 16th maximum) and I don’t know what kind of pickslanting I’m using and if my posture is wrong…
Can you help me please?

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anyone???can someone help me please?

Hi Ricky! Your picking seems to be very well coordinated and sound good. Is 130 BPM your maximum even when tremolo picking using your right hand only? If that’s the case, have you experimented with different motion mechanics? This can be key to achieve a higher top speed. I suggest you check out Troys videos about motion mechanics.

Aside from that, you seem to use a deviation based motion at the moment with a neutral slant or maybe a slight preference for upward pick slanting (UWPS). You seem to use a two way pick slant technique when changing strings but it’t might also be some string hopping involved. I’m not great at detecting this. Many of the licks you show here seem improvised and played at random. My advise would be to try som well organised licks that only change strings after either upstrokes or downstrokes. Try if there is a certain string change that feels better than the other. This would help you understand if your current setup is more of a upward or downward pick slanting technique and you could develop your playing from there.

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Thanks you so much!
I’ve tried with the forearm rotation but I can’t…It’s completely innatural to me and I don’t want to force the movement…
Anyway I’ll try to figure out a different way and I’ll follow your suggest!
Thank again,

Hi Ricky! I think your motion actually looks pretty good. I also think we confused a lot people because they started looking for the “slant of the pick”. In reality, you have to look at the path the picking motion is creating. Take a look at this video we just put up:

This is very similar to the motions you are using. Notice how even though there is not much visible “slant”, the motion path can still be different between the different types of pickstrokes. You are probably slow because you are switching between all three kinds of motions without realizing it, and it is confusing your hands. That is my guess anyway.

I suggest choosing one of these motions and practicing a phrase that fits that motion, and only that motion. Your goal is to make different attempts to do it until you feel it “click” and go fast. Do not repeat “exercises” for hours. Make short attempts of a minute or so, and if it is not working, stop. Take a short break, put down the guitar and pick. Then come back a few minutes later and pick it up again. This will introduce some natural variation because you won’t do it exactly the same way twice. Then try again. If it feels smooth and fast, film your technique up close in 120fps mode on your phone, and see if the motion looks correct. Most likely it will. If not, repeat the process taking frequent breaks and making small changes.

You can check out this post where I just put up some more thoughts on how to experiment with your motions:

Again, in general I think your form looks good here. Some more knowledge about the motions you are making will go a long way.


Thanks so much Troy for helping me!!!
You are the best teacher in the world!!!

Hi @rickymaina , any updates on how it’s going, did you happen to find a motion that works for you?

Not yet man, but I’m still working harder on it!

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