My boy, John Sykes


ol’ boy sticks his head up on occasion lol

the “new” album that been coming out since 2015ish…

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Dude rips. Had to teach his solo in Lizzy’s Cold Sweat recently. I think he hits somewhere around 240BPM 16th notes on some of those pentatonic “meedley” licks (as I call them). His picking across 2nps is ferocious, too.

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Whaaat, 240bpm!? I hope he’s not picking everything :sweat_smile:

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Go to around 2:10. It’s essentially the same two string sweep technique Yngwie does when he plays arpeggios like in Rising Force. I think Sykes is just doing reststroke, down, hammer/pull here, whereas Yngwie does reststroke, down, up, pull. Both licks are around the same speed.

Here’s Yngwie doing the same/similar technique. Go to 3:11

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Sykes rules. I love those two Tygers Of Pan Tang records he played on.

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