My First Video For Critiquing

I’ve been playing 40 years and always held my pick “pad to pad”. I never thought I could become a speed picker because of this grip so I developed more of a fretboard hand that pulls off and hammers on. Should I try to work with this pick grip or change to an easier one?

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Hey Adrian, thanks for posting! I believe I see curved motions in your clip, that could potentially be used for “crosspicking” - so it looks like a great starting point! The question is whether you are able to perform these motions at higher speeds while maintaing the smoothness (not worrying about accuracy at first).

In the Pickslanting Primer, Troy has demonstrated that you can do pretty much anything with pretty much any pick grip. The important thing is to be aware that different grips require different hand/arm setups to work. In a nutshell:

  • if the grip you have works for your musical goals, no reason to change it!
  • trying new pick grips can be good when you are “stuck” on something, as it adds variation / may make you aware of new possibilities in terms of motions/ how to use your muscles.
  • eventually, you may develop different grips for playing different styles, and that’s totally ok (e.g. look at Paul Gilbert’s grip when he plays leads VS when he strums).

Very much appreciate the feedback!

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