My Picking Style

Hi everyone,

First of all, I want to thanks Troy and the team for the great work. I’m sure all agree that it has improve our picking quality of life haha

I’m posting a quick video of my picking technique (Apologize for the quality). I’m quite happy with it but I still feel stiff and not as relaxed as it could be. So, is it that I’m forcing a movement but my body tends to go towards other??

A few weeks ago, I started adopting a more closed fist position and it feels a bit more relaxed and fluid, but now, I struggle with anything that involves changing picking escapes or crosspicking.
Should I carry on with my typical position or explore the second one further? Any advise welcome!

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @Alexguitardude welcome!

I think you are doing great already but I have one comment: your fastest tremolo seems to be elbow motion, which is usually DSX (downstroke escape), but your pick has a downward slant appearance, so that could cause “garage spikes” problems where the upstroke grabs the string too much.

Have you tried to adopt a more traditional “elbow picking posture” like Bill Hall or Brendon Small? You may find that things gets smoother that way.

EDIT: in practice, you could simply try to “pronate” your forearm a bit more, until the thumb heel of your picking hand is in contact with the bridge/ lower strings. Let us know if the picking motion feels easier that way

Thanks so much Tommo, I haven’t realized that might be the problem. By rewatching the clip I see that my picking hand does something wierd as I slowdown the tremolo picking I’ll work on that. Rock on!!!

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