My tremolo progress: from zero to 200 in a few weeks

Hello fellow speedsters,

I just wanted to share a few clips of my progress with tremolo picking. It’s still a work in progress, my motion is still kinda trapped but I am already able to play some lines that were almost impossible before even at slower speeds, and it feels fantastic that I am starting to unlock the potential of my picking hand.

For context, when I first joined, I could barely hit 120bpm 16th notes and was immensely sloppy, then I started experimenting with different picking motions and managed ro reach 130-150bpm with a combination of elbow + fingers.

Next, I posted a technique critique request and @Troy helped me gain more insight into my technique, and most importantly, he helped me forget the idea that I wasn’t “born with the talent” and that I could definitely improve. Thank you!

I’m really excited because I had never been able to pick this fast before (at least not with the level of ease I’m starting to feel :partying_face:). Anyway, here are the clips:


Congratulations on the fast progress!


Awesome! Keep the success train going, there’s plenty more headroom there still.

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Nice one, great work :fire:

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Thanks a lot for the support! I expect to share some videos on my progress soon. :guitar: