Neal Schon solos

I had friends who were into Journey back in the day, but not yet playing guitar then, I didn’t pick up on how good Neal Schon was. Wow; smokin’! What are some of his better solos iyo?..

Neal is great. I wish live he would stick closer to the recordings, instead of going into shred mode. He is one of the more lyrical soloists out there. Having said that, my cover band used to play a lot of Journey. Stoned In Love always had a great solo and was fun to play. There is a unexpected 2/4 bar in the rhythm that took a bit to get used to. I also really liked playing Lights, it’s a great 12/8, with a super cool strat tone. That one is easy enough, but is so soulful.

Yeah, Stone in Love is in orbit. Familiar with any of his stuff outside of Journey?

I loved the first Hardline release, I thought his playing on that was killer. Also, the early Journey before they were ‘Journey’, was much more progressive acid rock, and he has some great free form styled solos on that.

Great, I’ll check that out; thx:)

Definitely Stone in Love but check out Majestic as well!

This is worth a listen if you like fast Neal Schon solos: