Need help for fixing triplets picking

Hey people! How are you?

I would like to play some Thrash and Death Metal, full speed, and I can’t achieve high speeds for rhythm guitar. There are some patterns with triplets that I fail playing them fast.

I started playing a long time ago, and I still don’t know why I can’t play them, and how to fix this issue to play those stuff at the speed I would like (even faster than I was able to record, like Sepultura, Slayer or Pantera does).

My questions are:

  • is it muscular?
  • is it how I hold the pick?
  • is it how I attack the strings?
  • is the kind of pick I’m using wrong? [I’m using a Dunlop Prime Tone { modern Jazz III } ]
  • is the thickness of my pick wrong? [the pick above is 1.4mm]
  • is it everything combined?
  • should I re-learn how I pick?

Here’s the video:

I tried to record as natural as possible, to show all the possible flaws on my playing, posture, picking and anything else. No metronome, no pre-planned songs or patterns.

The intention was to cover multiple picking patterns that I struggle with if I increase speed, and also to show hands and posture the best way I could.

The first part, I’m playing a 6 strings guitar and I go over patterns, Iron Maiden and Pantera.
The second part, I’m playing a 7 strings guitar and I go over patterns and Epica.

As reference to what I want to achieve, here is a great example:

This is the first time I’m recording myself playing, so any feedback on the recording itself is also very welcome…
I’m looking forward to know your opinion on this subject and if anybody has the same problem.

Happy playing for us.


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it would be good to video record yourself so your more in line with the phone shooting down the neck to show your picking hand better and more close to see how it is working more then this far away shoot to be honest

I don’t have anything to hold a camera close to the picking hand. I would have to build or buy…

Suggestions for a DIY holder?

even if you could put it on a music stand close or on your desk and move your body so its facing down the length. I think they make like a suction cup type thing that mounts to a desk for your phone would be good.