New category: Show and Tell - share your music and playing!

:rotating_light: New category alert!! :rotating_light:

Based on some great feedback from users here, we’ve added a new section on the forum specifically for sharing awesome things you play.

You can find it here: Show and Tell

We already have #technique-critique for specific technical feedback. But we also wanted a space for posting progress updates, songs you wrote, and other sorts of playing. One part entertainment, one part education, one part supportive community for sharing your work.

This is a great place to post if you want to display your skills, creativity, and technical progress. And it’s a great place to browse and check out others’ playing for motivation, technique examples, and musical inspiration.

We encourage you to post any and all of the following:

Audio or Video of Your Playing

Original songs, covers, licks / etudes, you name it. It doesn’t have to be perfect or polished; any playing you’d like to share with the community (that’s not for #technique-critique!) is fair game.

Picking Footage

This being the Cracking the Code Forum, of course we’re all about technique. So, if you can, try to film from an angle that can help others see what you’re doing.

Commentary / Explanation

Instead of just posting a video / link by itself with no context, write something: Why are you sharing? What techniques or musical ideas are you exploring? Anything you’d like feedback on?

A few other simple guidelines for #show-and-tell posts:

  • Please make a new topic for each thing you want to share (this works better than e.g. one user continually adding new stuff to an ongoing mega-thread).
  • To start, we ask that each user post here no more than once per week.
  • It takes courage to share your playing publicly, and we want everyone to feel comfortable here. To that end: Posting? Please indicate if you’re looking for constructive criticism. Replying? Keep it positive unless feedback is specifically requested.

Hope this proves fun and valuable; we’re excited to see more examples of everyone’s playing! If you have questions let us know :slight_smile:


Great to see the new category, there are some notable player on this forum and would love to see/hear some more of their playing!


This is great, I’m very excited to follow everyone’s progress and share a bit of mine! I made a lot of progress in my playing thanks to the CTC instructional material and the Forum, and I assume it’s the same for many around here.

I like looking at covers but I am also really interested in hearing/learning tunes/etudes that people wrote armed with CTC picking knowledge! @SylvSylv had something of the sort if I remember correctly, but I am sure there are many others!

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