New guitar, Eart GW2. Wood question?

I recently bought a new guitar from EART.

This one:

Look at the neck, apparently it’s roasted maple, and in all the pictures and videos I’ve seen on this guitar have that blonde, light look to the neck, but ofcourse, mine don’t, why? I’m not educated much on wood, but I’m wondering if I got a mix of maple and perhaps a darker wood? And if this difference might cause a change in the neck, specifically a twist? I want to use this for a long time and the last thing I need is the neck twisting around.

I noticed when I opened it the lighter side was more straight than the darker. Is this an issue? The non wound strings are really heavy, seem like 13s, perhaps thats the issue? The lower strings do have a buzz. I’ll need to add another video to show it.

Roasted maple is supposed to be dark. Almost an almond shade. The photos above look like typical unroasted maple. Yours looks roasted. Those necks look like three piece sandwiched necks similar to JEM’s so you are going to get variations in both color and grain figure and even hardness and density if the pieces are taken from different planks.

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I was able to upload the full video finally in proper definition, I’ll delete the other.
Do you think the same? Perhaps the top strip is just not roasted as much as the others? As all the pictures I’ve seen have light necks, and mine as you can see is only light on the top. Even all the videos I’ve seen on this guitar have light necks.

Almond is quite light, it’s a caramel type color, the bottom wood on mine is far darker, it’s weird. Looking at it from my monitors light it looks quite similar, thats why I recorded in the light of the bathroom lol. The tv or monitor doesn’t output a full spectrum. HD is still processing

Caramel is right ish, By almond I meant with the skin on, but it can be pretty dark depending on heat and how long it has been roasted for. It just looks like different pieces of roasted maple that came from different batches. The top just lighter than the others. Maybe the kiln time or heat was lower, maybe those pieces didn’t have the water and sugar content the others did.

Roasted maple is not typically light in color like a regular maple neck.

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I didn’t watch the vids all the way through, but agree it’s all roasted maple, just using pieces of wood that aren’t well-matched in color. It might drive me a little crazy, but wouldn’t effect playability, and considering these aren’t higher priced guitars, might be as good as it gets.

This is a little more concerning. Do you mean there’s some sort of warping in the neck? Or is the neck meant to mimic Strandberg’s, which I believe has some functional asymmetry built into it.

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Case in point this is the back of my fujigen 1570, this has like 4 pieces of varying shades of maple making up the neck and head stock. It’s all maple, but just not uniform in color. If you were to roast it, that non-uniformity is going to transfer.

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The bass is straight, the treble is curved. There is buzz on the bass side. And none on the treble, on the “lighter” strings.
Tho I think the three non wound strings are heaver than the wound. I don’t have anything to measure them besides my hand. I can’t find any information on what these guitars ship with. I feel it might be a mix of light on top and heavier on bottom. That might be whats causing it. Though I have only just got the guitar two days ago, so perhaps thats why. The main thing that concerned me like I posted is the neck is two totally different colors. @Fossegrim That might be it, as far as I know it’s all roasted wood, so the colors might pop more.