New Guy from Oz

Hi Everyone,

I’m Chris from Australia. Just recently discovered CTC and have been glued to it ever since!
Mindblowing!, Never seen guitar taught so thoroughly. Like i’m glad Troy’s on our side!!

Anyway, 48yo, playing since '86ish so I know the genre and remember the videos. Primarily self taught, played in some bands in the '90’s, mainly punk and rock, bit of touring etc. Never really ‘got’ shredding, always wanted it. Feel like i have ‘unfinished business’ with guitar. Watching Troy’s videos makes guitar feel like it’s new again.

Good stuff!!




Hi Chris,

Welcome to the CTC :slight_smile:

You’ve come to the right place bro, I’ve had a similar journey as yours, last two years my guitar playing has changed entirely, for the better, thanks to CTC.


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Thanks, i’m grateful to be here. Truly inspiring.