New here and need some help

Hello everyone!

I saw some CtC a while ago and decided to join as I see this forum is alive and could be very helpful.
I never was a strong guitar player or something and last 8 years I didn’t touch my guitar at all. So I decided to get back few months ago and trying to build my technique. Now I’ve got fe questions which are bothering me:

  1. Sometimes I take a guitar and I can’t even reach yesterday’s level, as if I take it for the first time. In these moments, I need much more time to warm up and not the fact that in the end I will be comfortable playing. Does it happen to you?
    2.I don’t know why, but I can’t play the ascending scale well, and there are no problems with the descending one. I attached a small video (missed in a click) on it about 135 sixtuplets. But I can’t play the ascendant either, I will stumble at the pace of 100-105. And I can’t do anything about it for a long time. Like I’m stuck in strings. Any suggestions?
  2. Do you combine different motions like elbow or wrist in your playing? Or better stick to one and develop it?

Thank you

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That descending lick is really well played
Since your problem is in the ascending one perhaps you should post an ascending vid for people here to help.
I think you need to watch&read pickslanting tutorials,perhaps your pick gets buried between two strings in certain passages And you just need to develop some scaped motions

Thanks for reply.

Here is another video with ascending:

Try straightening your thumb for the ascending.

A thumb bump is great for descending but can be awkward for ascending.

The thumb does not have to be totally flat but as flat as you can comfortably get it.

There are people here more experienced than me,but i think you need to achieve a downstroke pickscape,dsx as we call it
It seems you play with downward pick slant
As i wrote before check here,youtube vids,etc ,you may find troy playing 6 notes ascending patterns
And try to learn the terminology used in this forum,(dsx,usx,etc…)
I think I see a pretty agressive swiping here,you need to switch gently over the next string keeping it very well muted,otherwise you get noise,and the pick tends to get trapped there when switching
But I’m surprised by the difference between the descending&ascending one,because the technique should not change for playing both
I’m pretty sure there’s something there I’m not able to see yet
Let’s wait for the more experienced people here and what they see

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I think also you have to post this in the technique critic area,there will be analyzed sooner
Introduce yourself is just for that

Yes, I did that already. Waiting.