New here in the forum

Hello guys,
I’m new in the forum,
Thanks to Darin to show me this!

To make it brief, I had to switch from right handed to left handed guitar by being obligated, not by choice. I know the challenge of what I am doing but for now after almost 2 years, everything is more easy. I can play almost everything at a slow/medium speed. I need to
Build up the speed, for now, what I do is practice everyday the most I can.
Hope I can learn a lot here!


Welcome aboard! enjoy

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I admit I’m curious (or possibly nosy). Care to share the circumstances?

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Welcome to the forum! Let us know if you have any questions getting started with the site or any of our material :smiley:

Yeah sure, I had a car accident and it appears. A carpe bossu kind uf bump on my picking hand… this is sad but I don’t give up

Where should I start?

This is the first thing we suggest checking out:

Let me know if there’s anything we can clarify or you have further questions!

Sorry to hear that, but I’m glad you found a workaround.

I doubt you ever heard of Ernie Isley, of the Isley Brothers. I think he started off playing left handed and then just decided to learn right handed too. So now he is known to be equally talented on both sides.

of course, then there is this

Another thing to give you inspiration AND to challenge you. Some of our guitar heroes developed the bulk of their skills in around only 2-3 years. It doesnt take 10 years etc. So that would also probably apply to your situation, which is similar to just starting from scratch. Its all about learning how to practice and essentially, how to learn lol.

That time period can give you something to shoot for as far as what is possible. And they arent superhumans, they are just people like us.

Thanks for posting this. I am taking lessons with michael angelo batio for one year now and it really helps me to focus on good things. Really?? Only 2-3 years before they got the speed? If they practiced as I do now they cut all their social life to do it :wink: I think I am on the good way now but, a little bit of extra help isn’t too much :slight_smile: thanks for encouraging me out I won’t give up!!! Guitar is hard, even on the other side of the game :wink: dang!!!

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