New hybrid-picked tremolo etude - Tommo's entry for the Mercuriall and Paul Santo contest

Hey All,

This is my first ever entry in an online music contest! The challenge was to write a 40-second soundtrack to the picture shown at the end of the video. I took the opportunity to write another tremolo etude to demonstrate my hybrid approach to the classical tremolo:

EDIT: re-uploaded with correct audio-video syncing.

EDIT2: and here are some tabs :slight_smile:

The picking pattern is

Down, mid finger pluck, Down, Up.

It is important to maintain a “DWPS/escaped upstrokes” setup throughout.

I did many takes and then had a crazy idea: what if I could find two takes that went well together for stereo double tracking? This was very unlikely since I recorded the tune without a metronome, but after a lot of auditioning I found three takes that I think work pretty well: to my ears, the slight phase issues are not too disturbing and add a sort of eerie atmosphere. But of course your experience may differ :slight_smile:

Hope you like it and will be back soon with a post on the signal chain (everything is done with amp sims and VSTs) - I had to do quite a lot work to get a tone in the ballpark of a classical guitar!

Edit: this is a short tutorial I made a while ago about the technique:


Hey, that’s awesome - really, really great example of a piece where the technique serves the music and not the other way around, and your dynamic control here is pretty impressive!


Thanks a lot Drew! I did get quite a bit of help from a compressor and an EQ :wink:

Maybe so, but even the way you’re maintaining a fairly gentle tremolo picking while bringing out melodic lines with a bit more force, is very tasteful, and that’s definitely not just a compressor or EQ!

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