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I’m new to the site and have been devouring the information here hand over fist as it appears most do when they discover this place. I am attempting DWPS USX in the following videos and want to be sure I am doing this properly so that I don’t spend any more time developing bad habits. After reviewing my video I am having a hard time seeing my angle of attack and if it is really the 90 degree angle that is outlined by @Troy. It also seems to me after watching the video that I am not strictly adhering to wrist deviation and that I might have some degree of forearm supination. Is that ok? Should I try to correct that motion or is it better to just play fast and see what feels fluid? Thanks for any and all feedback. Incredible site and forum happy to have found it.

This is the way to go. Its all about smoothness and speed when finding the most efficient motion for you. You may find out that USX isn’t it, so experiment as much as you can.

Welcome to the forum!

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Your overall motion looks good and fluid at this speed, no apparent stringhopping or similar! :+1:

As @PickingApprentice suggested, try bumping up the speed a bit and see what happens. Around 140 BPM sixteenth notes is a good first goal to strive for. You could try reducing the complexity by switching to single string tremolo and go from there if the spider exercise becomes too challenging when increasing the speed. Experiment with different aspects of your picking motion if you get stuck along the way; aim for something that feels natural and smooth for you.

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Thank you for the suggestion I will try it and post a video as soon as I have a chance to do so. Thank you guys for the feedback and thank you for the warm welcome I greatly appreciate the help.

Alright guys same exercise at 138bpm. This is from a cold start so it is a bit sloppy for the first few seconds. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated. The original questions I posted still apply.

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Hey @shredquest! Sorry, this post escaped me at the time!

Let us know if you made any progress and / or if you’d like some more critique / advice :slight_smile:

Hi @tommo! I would love some critique and advice. Still working hard at shredding and enjoying the wealth of knowledge and information on the site. Thanks!

Of course :slight_smile:

Looking at the last two videos, there is nothing particularly wrong with them.

However, in our experience this kind of very controlled and “metronomic” mid-speed playing is not the best starting point for… the shredquest :smiley:

If you have some time in the next few days, try to film your best tremolo picking on a single string (you can choose your favourite string!). Turn off the metronome and don’t even try to do USX, DSX or anything else. Let your hand / arm settle into the most comfortable position to get the job done.

Just bang on a single note as fast as you can for a decent legth of time and let us have a look, we’ll take it from there :slight_smile:

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