New member from France


I’m Vincent a new member from Montpellier, (south of France). I’m 35 years old, I play guitar since I’m 15 and I studied guitar at GIT (Musicians Instutute) from 2008 to 2010.I play in a Metallica tribute band and in a 80’s hard rock cover band.

I joined the forum to work on my alternate picking technique wich is my main weak. I’m focusing on it every day since septembre but I reached a limit that make me think that there is something wrong with my technique. So back to basics! Yesterday I bought the Pickslanting primer in order to fix my right hand. Currently I’m stuck at 170-180bpm in 16th notes / 110bpm sextuplet so I guess I will have to change my righ hand motion once again.

See you around the forum,



Welcome! I hope that you are able to achieve your goals with only a slight adjustment.

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