New member from UK

Where are you in your guitar journey? still trying to shred.

  • How many years have you been playing?
    played since 1984, got into Yngwie in 1993 properly as far as playing went. !

never give up !

  • Self-taught. some lessons with a teacher. no shredders near me. all blues legends
  • Have you spent much time on technique before finding our stuff? loads . probably badly. like Troy I fumbled around pre internet.
  • Any particular things you find yourself stuck on? crossing strings !
    I play a (modified) YJM Strat.
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Hey, welcome to the forum! Make yourself at home and take a look around :slight_smile: We have all kinds of stuff on the forum as well as the lessons / interviews on the site. Let us know if there’s anything we can help as you get started!

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