New Member Introduction

Hi everyone! I am a new member here! You can call me David or Noise (some people call me noise because I play guitar loud!)

I’m currently studying guitar online at Berklee College of Music Online and have been playing guitar for about 7-8 years. I’m interested in metal guitar as well as ambient music. I’m extremely interested in learning more about DWPS and Legato as well as the different ways to change strings with odd numbered note groupings.

I’m mostly self taught but took lessons for about a year with a private teacher but benefitted the most from self taught and from Berklee Online. I’ve spent about 3 years trying to get better at playing fast and changing strings before I discovered CTC on YouTube (Thanks Troy!). Aside from the CTC series on youtube, I’ve watched the Martin Miller videos on youtube as well as the MAB videos and the free cascade and inside the volcano chapters that Troy has posted on youtube. I can play 3 note per string scales legato (hammer ons and pull offs) as 16th notes at 180bpm and use DWPS to play pentatonic scales but would like to use it for 3 note per string patterns as well. I’m stuck on transitioning between strings with 3 note per string patterns with regular alternate picking (especially since I have a natural DWPS pick angle).

Anyways I’m glad to be here!


Hey David, welcome to the forum! Make yourself at home and definitely let us know if you have any questions getting started :smiley:

I’d suggest checking out the Pickslanting Primer for more detail on the picking motions / string switching strategies. Also you may find it helpful to try a forum search for any keywords / topics of interest (lots of good conversations on here!)