New member of CTC

Hi everyone, i’m Julian, i’m a new member of the cracking the code comunity, i really enjoy all the good stuff here, hope it will help me during my journey of guitar.

  • How many years have you been playing?
    I’ve been playing guitar since 20 years.

  • What musical genres are you interested in?
    I realy enjoy math rock, classical guitar, acoustic fingerstyle too.

  • Particular things you’re excited to learn / talk about here?
    I like modern music, new ideas, new harmony feels, i like cassic stuff of course but i’m looking for something that i could not understand with just a single listen.

How have you gone about learning guitar so far?

  • Self-taught? Regular lessons with a teacher? Both?
    Maybe both, i’ve taken lessons at the beginning (classical teacher) but i totally self taught with electric guitar, i’ve destroyed a lot of my father CD’s and vynil’s (RIP van halen 1’s vynil)

  • Have you spent much time on technique before finding our stuff?
    I’ve spend like 10 years focusing on techniques and now, i’ve a lot of struggle with speed, i’m tired of the " one day it work, one day is not" so, that’s why i’m here… Where i’m from, there’s no teacher wich can help me with it.

  • What Cracking the Code material have you watched?
    Eric johnson and Yngwie stuff.

  • Can you comfortably play a scale? At roughly what speed?
    I know a lot of scale but every time it’s more than 140 BPM 16th not or 90-100 BPM 16th note triplet it’s way out of my league, string changes are always a pain in the A^…

  • Any particular things you find yourself stuck on?
    I’ve worked on tera melos X’ed out album now, latest transcription was an math rock album called trimurty from a band called low pass, some polyphia, i’ve transcribed a lot of guthrie govan pieces too.

I’m here to discuss about string noises, speed, string changes and a lot of things. I’m from france so my english is maybe a little bit sloppy (don’t panic, i don’t use google trad).


Welcome to the community, Julian!

You are definitely going to find a lot of useful info here. Besides the video lessons, there’s a critique section in which you can submit your videos for others to review and share tips. :slight_smile:

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Welcome! Glad you’re enjoying so far. Definitely let us know if there’s anything we can help with as you explore the material & the forum here! Lots to see on the site — we suggest the Pickslanting Primer if you haven’t watched all that stuff yet — and plenty of good conversations on the forum if you search for particular topics you’re interested in :slight_smile: