New member over here!

Hey guys,

would like to say hello to all forum members!

After getting my Studio running the last years ive decided to focus more on guitar again. Im playing since 15 years… the last years have been just noodling more or less.

There is one question i have - as i recognized, this isnt a normal forum. I can Subscribe here for 25$ / month. Can someone tell me whats behind this!? :slight_smile:

Cant wait to deepdive this forum!



Welcome Michael!

Well you can join the forum for free and you can ask questions and post videos and search through the old threads etc

if you join the “Masters in Mechanics” then you get access to all of the teaching material such as the seminars (Volcano, Antigravity, Cascade) and all of the interviews with top players etc. The interviews also come with many playing examples filmed at fast and slow speed etc.

I think i caught it on a special and got it for $149 for a year. Its worth it but its very overwhelming at first lol. Way too much information!

enjoy, JJ


Hey, welcome to the forum!

I think @JonJon summed it up pretty well, indeed the forum is a great free resource, and the paid membership gets you lots more; you can browse the site to see everything available with that:

Let us know if you have more questions / anything else we can clarify!

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