New music after starting playing guitar again thx to CtC team!

I joined Cracking the code a few years ago and it made me start playing guitar again after many years of just looking at the guitar on the wall. The struggling of efficient picking as Troy describes it then early videos was so familiar. I started with the DWPS Eric J/ Yngwie and quite quickly (1 year) could pick my way through stuff with Economy picking. So fun!
Anyhow I joined a band recently and we are recording some tunes . Guitar solo wise it’s 100% DWPS.
Hope you dig it!

Marry X-mas and keep up the good work Troy+team! Next year I’ll start digging into the cross picking stuff. /Andy
Marry x-mas and keep up the good work Troy+team!

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Cool, thanks for sharing! I’ll add this to the #show-and-tell category :smiley: