New Office Hours?

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Guys, any plans for office hours in the near future?

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Not planned at the moment. Definitely something we’re open to, just a question of finding the time! Right now we’re catching up on some interview editing, still have a number of Primer additions planned, and also some behind the scenes work to try to get the Magnet manufactured :slight_smile:

One possibility we still may consider is working with some other experts in the community to help with these sorts of Office Hours feedback sessions.

Throwing out a few questions for you, and anyone else here who may be interested: what do you find most appealing about the idea of Office Hours? Is it something you’d pay extra for or would expect to be included w/ Cracking the Code membership? If we offered them regularly how often would you want to do a session? (Any other ideas / feedback, let me have it!)

Please!!! Or private lessons!!!

Thanks, Brendan.

I like the idea of the real-time feedback and the back and forth between the coach and the player. Working with someone live allows the coach to give cues so that the player can adjust and feel what they need to be doing without having to go back to the woodshed and figure it out on their own.

Regarding cost, I’d be open to paying for a session separate from CtC membership.

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agreed about the extra fee if necessary!

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