New old player here

Hello out there I have been playing for 20 years off and on.I have tried bluegrass and country,blues ;and southern rock.I grew up like Troy did in the 80s and my first album I bought with my own money was Deep Purple burn.Then came Frampton comes alive so you can see I was raised on the classic guitar albums.Oh yeah I also bought Van Halen 1 the day it came out what a classic album cover.Any way I never thought I could play like that so I didn’t even try.I have finally realized to try and play what you love because that’s where the fire is.That extra love of the solo or riff that will make you try it over and over again until you get it.Thanks to CTC i played my first really fast clean lick yesterday.I am excited about the course.My second day was not so productive but I gave good effort and hope tomorrow will be better.


Hey, welcome to the forum, thanks for joining! Glad you’re seeing some progress already! Let us know if there’s anything we can help with, and enjoy :smiley:

Thanks Brendan I am working on using the first and second fingers and using the pinky up the neck like Troy said.I am not used to that but got to woodshed it for a while to get it.Hard to get to that 17th fret on llittle E with the first finger at the 10th.

Yes! Congratulations!
I remember that feeling.
Keep it up. It gets even better.