New picking experience


I have been working a lot on my picking technique since i discoverd Troy, all the vids, interviews and analysing he did.
I have made huge progress since i changed a few things which want share. My biggest inspiration for changing things is Martin Miller.

Arm position:

It is more vertical then i used to have it, so more comming from above then from the side of the body. Automaticaly there is more string tracking now (from the shoulder and forearm) so that the position of the hand and pick towards the strings stays pretty much the same on all strings.


It is smaller then i used to do. Even though i thought i made small motions already after studying vids of Martin other players and myself my motions were to big when going at super fast speeds. Especially on the one note per string stuff the motions Martin makes at super speed are veeeery small. I feel it now as if the pick almost sticks to every string, or maybe i should say embraces every string on every up and down stroke.The upstroke feel is very important, it feels a bit like not letting gravity pull your pick to far away from the strings on the downstrokes.
The actual motion is a combi of wrist, forearm and a little thumb/finger.

Pick grip:

Feels like an extention of my fingernail with very little of the tip sticking out, and i hold it a bit looser then i used to do. Also i use less edge the i used to do.
It is a litte slanted downward but also less then i used to do.
The ring and little finger are very lightly on the body helping with keeping the pick depth the same on each string.

The things the helped me most on the improvent are the different arm position, the smaller movements and string tracking.

Hope this is of any contribution.