New to the CTC Forum

Hey all, I’m Seth from Florida.

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 8 or 9 (mostly acoustic). I played mostly worship music at my church which only required me to know standard chords and play some basic lead lines, so I never got into trying to play advanced picking lines. Anyway, when I got into high school I stopped playing guitar since my time was mostly taken up by dual-enrollment classes and basketball.

However, I got back into music as I started learning production in my junior year. I have been learning guitar through Youtube and practicing pretty consistently since then also (I am now 18). At the beginning my picking speed was almost nonexistent but I changed my grip and after practicing with it all of last summer I started being able to play some quicker lines, although I was not near shred territory yet. Not long after last summer, I saw Troy’s Youtube videos and was very intrigued, I had been feeling like I had the potential to play a lot faster than the current speed I had, but I just couldn’t unlock it.

Right now I am getting ready to head to school to get a bachelor’s in music production, currently finishing the music tech certificate at a local college. I mainly use guitar to facilitate my production and writing, but I would like to increase my picking speed so that I can play more complex pieces also. Some of my favorite players are Eric Johnson, George Benson, Isaiah Sharkey, and John Mayer. I also like fusion guys like Holdsworth, Garsed, and Marshall Harrison.

Excited to become part of the CTC community and learn all I can!


Welcome Seth!

I envy you a bit, I wish I could go back to tell my 18y old self all the picking stuff we now know thanks to Cracking the Code :slight_smile:

Let us know how we can help!