Newb seeking direction

thanks for the feedback on my first post all! I’m a total beginner, I’ll be upgrading my account to start Cracking the Code on Friday (payday). I know nothing about guitar, I want to play well but I have no direction. I will do the program here as I believe learning correctly at the outset is way beneficial. I started a music theory learning course my son recommended but I’m lost on exactly what to do as far as learning to play music. I’m an OTR Trucker so I live in a truck, I’ll be doing all my learning online. What are some directed programs with a curriculum I can follow? would I be better off taking Skype lessons? Whom do you guys recommend as a teacher for a complete newb (and old newb, I’m 57) I don’t want to end up with an understanding of theory and good picking technique but nothing else. All help is appreciated.

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I envy you so much- I wish I could go back and learn from the beginning.

Yeah, that sounds like me (minus the good picking technique and theory) lol.

Always try and bring you learning back to learning music that you like - to learn and not to do is like not learning at all!

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. If you’re starting totally from scratch, which I agree with @PickingApprentice is nostalgic for a lot of us, then you’re going to need some things we don’t cover here. This includes basic guitar setup / maintenance, posture and positioning, some basic chording. If you’re strictly looking at internet resources, Justin Guitar is a great place for that ( ). Others here may have further suggestions.

If you plan on playing with a pick, our Pickslanting Primer product now has a solid introduction to the different kinds of picks that are available, and a pretty good overview of how to hold them in the “Pick Grip” section. But… whether you choose to watch those things up front, or just hit more general basics elswhere first, I would say that’s up to you. If it’s a financial concern, I would spend that cash on some good general form lessons first — again, including how to hold the guitar, how to fret chords and single notes, and so on.

Good luck!

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