Newbie here and want to learn what I can

Hi all I am in my early 50’s and just been fight guitar on and off and saw
Guitarist Troy Grady hosts a web series called “Cracking the Code.”

And got excited
So I want to get started again
I use a guitar modeler and Logic Pro X to record but very much just learning

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Welcome! There is plenty to learn here and lots of friendly folk at various points of their guitar journey. There is quite a lot of content here that might be overwhelming, but stick with it! Not sure how much of CtC you have seen, but it most newbies are advised to check out the pickslant primer content on the main website as it will introduce a lot of concepts. Please note though, that the team will be updating some of the content (the pickslant primer includes I believe) as some of the vocabulary wasn’t quite right - perils of being at the cutting edge of discovery I suppose!

Thank You for Your Friendly Wecolme and look forward to upcoming changes God Bless

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Welcome, good to have you here! Indeed the Pickslanting Primer is a great place to start, and as @PickingApprentice mentioned we have some updates in progress and will be adding more to it over the coming months. Take a look around and definitely let us know if you have any questions / suggestions as you dig into our stuff :slight_smile:

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Thank You Brendan at this moment money is tight but I do plan I pay for a month at a time :sunglasses::guitar: