NGD! 1989 Fender HM

Hi there,

Just wanted to share the excitement for my first-ever guitar with a proper floating bridge. This Kahler Spyder bridge is built like a tank and this guitar is sooooo smooth. Love it.

And of course, I had to try a classic CTC line with it:

The feel of this guitar is fantastic (it helps that it arrived with a fantastic setup), and its tone is instant 80’s magic. Also, I’m not sure how the tone pots work but apparently their 5 is a regular pot’s 10 and anything above that gives you a boost, and the paint is crazy, it’s like red, pink or purple depending on the time of day LOL.

In conclusion, this guitar is a dream come true!


Very cool, congrats! I’ve never played one of those, but I associate them with early Greg Howe (he uses one with a maple board on his old Hot Licks video).


Cool! Looks and sounds fantastic, awesome man!

Thank you, folks!

Greg Howe is the one reason why I decided to get one of these. The man is fantastic and I find his REH video so fun to watch and learn.

I guess now I can pair it with my Richie Kotzen Telecaster to record my personal version of Tilt (or maybe I should practice a little more before trying that) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

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The Kotzen Tele is sick!

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These guitars have always screamed HARD ROCK!! to me in the best possible way! I remember seeing them in guitar shops and the label on the headstock is so freaking cool!!


Oh that tele is a delight to play. Even though the neck feels like a baseball bat, it’s s super comfortable and gives you the feeling like you are playing a proper professional guitar.

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-Mom, can I have Greg Howe?
-We have Greg Howe at home.

“Greg Howe” at home: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I totally remember those in the late 80’s. Super cool! Congrats

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