NGD – The Incredible FU TONE Super Strat -

I’ve wanted an FU Tone guitar ever since they were announced. I always thought it was great idea to purchase a guitar with all the upgrades already installed on the guitar, especially from the company that makes them.

Also, FU tone offers some great custom colors that you really can’t find atm in a production- line guitar.

The first thing that impressed me was how well the guitar was setup right out of the box. The build quality is exceptional. The fretwork is excellent, the fit and finish was flawless. The neck is smooth as glass and plays incredibly well.

The guitar is just loaded with tone upgrades and sounds amazing.
The notes jump out of the guitar with authority and brilliance, it sounds
as though the guitar has an onboard “sonic maximizer” built right in!
The FU TONE pickups are the real deal. The bridge PU is saturated without being muddy with great dynamics. The neck PU is warm and tuneful.
The FU tone brass mounting system under pickup is literally a secret weapon
powering each pickup. The coils taps and kill switch add some great tonal
options as well.
A free heavy duty gig bag and strap locks… at $1299! You will not find a better guitar at this price, and honestly over the past 5-7 yrs I’ve had everything from MIM to USA Charvels, ESP E-II, Ibanez Prestige all the way to Suhrs…This guitar rivals the best of them!


How’s the mounting system effect on the sustain? Do you notice an improvement since trem guitars often lose some sustain compared to hardtail.

ooo Nice axe! Looks totally killer!

considering that the trem system is equipped with a 42mm brass block, heavy duty springs, brass spring claw, steel string blocks… in addition to the pickup mounting system…

talk about compensation… this guitar just screams… harmonics just fly out of this guitar

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Your axe looks awesome! And they have other interesting guitars as well, where this one is a little bit more my speed, I suppose:

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