NINJAM - Online Jamming Plugin

Hi, I’m new here. Greentigs from Brazil!

I just want to show you NINJAM, an amazing plugin from Reaper DAW that allows jamming online together with another instrumentists, especially drummers, what can be very useful for us.

Please, take a look at this instructional video, you’ll have all the information that you need to connect your guitar and find a room with some other musicians playing (it’s easy):

Take a look at this channel too if you want to learn more about Reaper, all tutorials are great.

You can download Reaper from here: NINJAM (or ReaNINJAM) will be already installed together.

My nickname is buzzly, hope to see you and play with you there. :slight_smile:


Hey, welcome and thanks for sharing! Hadn’t heard of this before, but seems super cool. Very timely and a pretty nice straightforward tutorial to get up and rolling.

Looks like you can even set up your own private server in addition to the open public ones. Just throwing it out there if anyone would like to give it a go at setting up a server for folks here to try out, perhaps along with a loose calendar of time slots to join in…that could be fun!

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