No Amp no headphones, just Using HiFi/studio monitors to hear my tone


Hello everyone one.

Recently I have been using my guitar directly to my audio interface and amp simulations(BiasAmp) to practice and work quickly on ideas, I have also been connecting my pedalboard (HD500x) into XLR interface and hearing the models it has.

But I have got tired of using headphones I prefer to hear a speaker moving air. So the question is, can the studio monitors or my HiFi system handle the work or will I just burn them in the near future.
I use to balance the mix between computer playback and my guitar sound, I don’t push it that much, I’m no expecting amp/rehearsal high volume levels.just enough to play along Cracking the code videos or backing tracks, I also like the readiness of just plugging and practice when I have little time to do so.


Studio monitors work well.

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My “stereo” is lots of things (laptop, guitar, etc.) feeding into a mixer that in turn feeds two self-powered studio monitors, and it works very well for me, and I’ve been doing this for many years with no problem.


Thank you, I haven’t purchased studio monitors yet I have been using my Hi-Fi system to playback audio from the computer for a long time.
But lately I find more practical to plug in guitar directly into the audio interface and use amp sims plus headphones but sometimes it gets tiring and feels nicer to to hear speaker producing airwaves.


The bigger the monitors the better they will sound for guitar playback. I have been using Behringer Truth monitors for the past 20 years and they have a big sound and can get loud.

Some people pick monitors for accuracy in mixing and they are often small 5" monitors, but picking ones that have 8" woofer are good if you are playing virtual instruments.

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that’s a very nice tip thank you


That’s best practice anyway, a 5" can’t really produce the low end needed for flat reproduction down to the limits of human hearing, so even in a well treated room trying to mix on a monitor with a bass driver smaller than 8" can really make it challenging to balance the low end of a mix.


Good to know that, it makes sense.

Yes they ( gear companies) can invented a new super duper small 5 3,2 or 1" ‘new technology speaker that gives you flat response’, and I mean technology is impressive but companies also want us to just buy stuff and sometimes promise wonders.

But having fellows who have experienced these products can be a good reference.


Also because I remember hearing that in the first Michael Angelo interview he was playing and hearing through his studio monitors and that’s very cool, probably many Cracking the Code interviews hab been done with that set up. No amp just directly to PC and through Studio Monitors.


Even for old school stuff with a cranked amp/cab it was often mic’d up in a separate room so people didn’t need to be exposed directly to the cranked source.

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Yes but I think in the Batio interview they aren’t using an amp.


For sure. I’m just observing that the “no amp in the room” thing was still a thing back when you did need to use an amp.