NOT a guitar topic - how would you approach creating this sort of ambience?

There should really be a category more focused on music production…

Anyways - I’m absolutely in love with Akhlys, and one of their signature sounds is dark ambience.
The project even started as ambient one:

And ever since they rely heavily on this sort of sounds, both on The Dreaming I:

And on Melinoe (albeit it’s not as pronounced):

In combination with heavy, distorted, shrieking tremolo picked guitars it sound so massive, it takes so much space the result is in some wicked way both threatening and dreamy.

I MUST learn the basics of how to produce such sounds.
Is it some certain plugins? Something else?
I’m really curious.

Sounds like they’re using a huge hall reverb and possibly some delay or a high early reflections settiing, long decay, with the wet/dry mix all the way down. Probably high and low passing it too. I don’t know what’s triggering the reverberation, maybe a synth hit that’s heavily distorted, but it just sounds like a huge wash of reverb.

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You can get sample packs for your DAW that give those sort of sounds. I use Logic and it has the EXS24 and it has premade cinematic type sounds that you can edit yourself. I’m hearing lots of reverb, but not really any delay.

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Is there any place where I could get some free samples?
Also, how does it work if I wanted to place them on piano roll and have them actually in tune?

I’m not sure where you can free synth samples, unfortunately. I just use the ones built into Logic. You can find lots of organic sample sounds online, like