Now Your Ships Are Burned tab

The blog post for the lesson is missing the tabs but I have a PDF copy of the original lesson that Troy did for “Now Your Ships Are Burned” that has all the tabs. Think I grabbed it from scribd some time ago but it’s probably still there. It would be great if the post could be updated with them…

In case you haven’t checked it out, it is probably one the best guitar lessons and insights to a player out there. Even though it came before CTC it’s a coda to the Volcano seminar with Troy showing how to play Yngwie’s solo with all the tools you learned from the seminar. Best part is Troy demonstrating that you basically only need two scale fingerings to play 90% of all of Yngwie’s stuff!


Wow man! Thank you for posting this! I never knew that you could find such amazing material if you go back to blog posts that are almost 12 years old!

Now I have plenty of interesting articles to discover :slight_smile:

That post has some cool stuff in it but there’s nothing in there about what actually makes these lines playable, i.e. downward pickslanting, so the entire thing would really need an update. That, and we’d probably have to SoundSlice all the tab examples. We’re still working on getting the tech in place to add new content quickly to the platform. Once we get some more interview content up and running, we can take a look at some of this older stuff to modernize.


Cool beans. I’d love to see some more analysis like this in the future. As for what makes these lines playable, you show most (if not all) of them in Volcano so it’s like a lesson in applying what you’ve learned from the seminar.

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This rules. Is the tab pdf in the blog post?

Just leaving this here…


Hell yeah!!! Thanks man!

Cesario Filho’s impressive cover


Three ways to play the intro lick, which one does Yngwie use?

Based on Troy’s original transcription

I’ve synced the rhythm to the original audio and changed some of Troy’s notes

Hopefully Troy will find time to comment

Hey Troy, and chance on seeing this soon?

Yngwie actually plays this initial “octaves” lick in the 1984 Alcaltrazz live concert. I forget where, but if you watch closely you can spot it. It looks like he does it as written in the first bar of this tablature, in four different positions on the neck. And it does look like just the initial note of each phrase is picked, with the rest legato.

The subsequent descending scale lick, which I guess I call the “sword” (it’s been a while!) is not all legato — it’s picking + legato. It’s the same lick from Little Savage:

…and we have a whole chapter on how to do these kinds of four-note-per-string sequences in the seminar:

Edit: Sorry I didn’t answer your question! We’re swamped and I don’t have any immediate plans to go back and redo this in Guitar Pro, but you can see the original text tablature from old site at the link above.

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@Troy … any chance this lesson get’s redone?

:crossed_fingers: :wink: :grinning:

Yngwie actually plays this initial “octaves” lick in the 1984 Alcaltrazz live concert. I forget where, but if you watch closely you can spot it.

@Troy - Is it here?:

Added video of just the solo:

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This seems to be what he intended.

More literal mistakes-included version showing why beat 2 must be 5th position. 3rd finger hammers D# (8th fret, 3rd string) when he’s aiming for the G note, then open G rings through the following F# & E.

Here again Yngwie does the Dagger octave lick in this improvised solo from a demo he sent into Guitar player in 1982:

He makes a little musical thing with similar sounding octaves here:

Here’s an early version of Now your ships are burned from a 1980 demo

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