NUX cerberus multi-effect pedals - what is your opinion?


Hi all,
Need some advice… I have been playing the guutar plugged into the amp for over 5 years with the basic built in amp effects.
I would like to get some advanced effects now. I am thinking of a processor or a multieffect pedal. THERE are not many options available in my country… The NUX Cerberus is one of the products available along with Nux mg-20 and Nux mg 100.I have found cerberus to be most recognized and highly rated online.

PLEASE give me some advice on which one to pick.
Cerberus is an analog multi effect pedal while the others are digital processors - what are the pros and cons of these?
Also if anyone personally owns the cerberus, let me know how you find it.


I owned it. It has very nice overdrive and distortion analog tones…and you can even create presets with the chance to memorize different settings for overdive/distortion section, which is not so common in all in one analog units. I recommend it for ones who need just essential effects (reverb, chorus, delays, boost) plus one overdrive and one distortion, both very very nice! :wink:


Just saw a demo where he says the drives are basically JHS Morning Glory and Angry Charlie, very cool product.