Obscure Sphinx - Nothing Left guitar cover

Finally, after a year or so of trying to find the perfect tone, testing countless ampsims and IRs, reverbs and whatnot, I finally decided to just play the thing and see where it takes me.

Being such a cheap and lazy bastard I didn’t bother to buy fresh strings.
I spent some hours on mixing it though…

I must say, it was fun.

So the story behind this is I originally bought 8 string being influenced by Batushka, a Polish black metal project, slightly… un-orthodox in their approach, being inspired by Orthodox Church melodies and chants.
My taste has evolved a bit though and I decided to revisit something more doom-ish, post-metal-ish.
I forgot about this band for so long.

Here it comes:

Please do tell me what do you think about playing, tone and mix in general.

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Awesome on all counts. Well done!

The only constructive criticism I’d give (which is subjective anyway) is that given the aggressive nature of the genre, you could experiment with picking a little harder. You don’t need to be breaking strings or anything, but an aggressive attack IMO improves tone in this style of playing. And your tones are really good to begin with! So a harder attack could be a nice level up for you.

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Thanks a lot mate

That’s what I figured - however my guitar lacks some scale length.
Even with .105 string if I picked any harder there would be some nasty fret buzz, and my goal was to retain a very clean and punchy low end that would simply be killed with fret buzz. I also had to really get the angle of picking motion right, and do a bit more snappy upstrokes on the low D string.

With that said, I generally agree with your statement. It’s just the scale length that is a limiting factor.

Ah well in that case ignore everything I said lol! Back when I played in the heavy genre I used pretty heavy strings and action was decently high. I don’t think I ever had to worry about buzz and I was conditioned by my bands first producer/audio engineer to always hit it hard. He was so funny, he’d say things after someone did a take like “Wow. That was perfect. Now do it again but this time play it like a man” Jeez that was 20 years ago, it was funny back then but I guess it hasn’t aged well.

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Sounds great! Well done, man - killer work here!

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