Odd note groupings...5 note, 7 note, etc

I’m currently working on some of the picking techniques that I’ve picked here…but I’m also trying apply it to certain exercises that I incorporate into my daily practices.

What sort of exercises would you do in order to get better at odd note groupings…like 5 note groupings or 7 note groupings, etc.

Would you just work on your usual pentatonic scales or 3 note per string scales…and just play them I groups of 5 or 7 note runs?

Or are there other/better exercises that you would recommend to help get the hang of playing those odd note groupings?

Personally as long as I can make them “make sense” somehow, by adding them together or something to eventually hit a repeat pattern on a downbeat with a downstroke. So…
Pattern of 5 + 7 = 12 so 3 clicks at 4 notes per click.
5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 5 clicks, 4 notes per click
7 + 7 + 6, etc

If it were me, I’d avoid running complete pentatonic scales up & down for the time being. (Look at the stretches you have to do to create 1-3 note per string pentatonics, as in Frank Gambale’s Speed Picking video). Extremely difficult for me, anyway.
Think instead of riffs that can fit into, or alongside, the pentatonic scale box. Think of minor scales in relation to the pentatonic box, as in my speed -picking exercise. This is 3 notes per string.

Think of where you start on the beat. If you add a “pickup” note before the main “1” beat to these 5-note groups, they become 6-note groups, which is good for jazz or blues.
If you start the 5-note groups on the main beat, with a downstroke, using a “pickup note,” these “odd groupings” suddenly become “normal.”
Like with Eric Johnson: his “groups of five” don’t have to be in a 5/4 time signature; they can be normal pentatonic riffs that you are “zig-zagging” and changing direction in. It just seems like “5” because it’s 4+1. Think of “5’s” as 4 + 1.

Play the fives in a 4-beat, and look at it as a constantly shifting “string of pearls.”
If you play 1-2-3-4-----5-1-2-3-----4-5-1-2-----3-4-5-1-----2-3-4-5, you will start on “1” again, eventually.

If you are going to play 5’s against a 4/4 beat, a drummer I knew showed me this trick: say “opportunity, opportunity, opportunity…”