Office hours--already filled, or not quite set up yet?

Not sure the correct category to post this–the subject basically explains it. Got the email, went immediately to the site to schedule and no slots available! Maybe it’s not ready yet, or there’s a bug? Or else everybody went immediately there and snagged them all!




Would also very much like to know the availability of these, proposed schedule I.e when you might stop doing them and If I should even attempt the sign up, currently offshore wont be home for another week :exploding_head:. Would give my right arm to have a one on one lesson of this nature… on second thought :thinking: perhaps a foot.

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Cheese I think… yes definitely cheese. Or was it… bagels?

This. Probably not that many slots available to begin with. I heard their really constrained by their supply of @Troys over there.

To the team I’ll suggest that you take the extra demand to heart and try to find some solution to it. You could put up some paid slots, even if it’s only worth it at some ridiculous price point I’m sure you’d sell a few and you’d get some more money to fly talent in :wink:. Alternatively, get some local talent involved. You could teach them the tricks and the tweaks and let them run lessons. Then iterate on what works and what doesn’t in teaching this.

Anyway, I really like the development recently from “What is going on here?” to “How do we teach and communicate all we’ve learned so far?” :+1:

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Hey, thanks for the interest!

For anyone reading this who has no idea what we’re talking about here: we’re trying out some “office hours”, a 30-minute video call with Troy to get folks some one-on-one picking motion help. This is just for subscribers for now — we sent out a subscriber update email last night but haven’t announced / linked more widely.

We put 30 slots on the calendar to start, over the next few weeks. And they got booked up pretty quickly! We weren’t sure exactly what to expect, but all these initial slots got filled within about 6 hours after we sent that email.

We’ve just opened up 10 more slots on the calendar here:

If you’re a Masters in Mechanics subscriber and meet the other criteria listed on that page, go ahead and grab a time! As of this minute, 9 open slots. I expect these will probably fill up fairly quickly as well.

Beyond this it’s possible we’ll add more in the next month(s), but this is kind of an experiment for us so really not sure yet re: future schedule.

Absolutely! Indeed our time for these is limited but a big reason for doing this is definitely to get more hands on feedback that can help us improve the lessons for everyone.

OK Thanks Brendan I managed to get one this time. I’m hoping this works using Safari on my iPad. I’m unfamiliar with the live call link protocol so it’s putting a lot of faith in thinking it will work the first time without a hitch. Anyway looking forward to seeing the man in real time!

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Great concept! It will take this community to another level if Troy doesn’t get tired soon.

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I don’t know how he does it, he’s like the most patient and long suffering teacher we never had…


This is a great thing and I wonder how you guys even have time for it! I still gotta do a bit of studying and experimenting with the new material so I won’t book it this time, but if there’ll be a second round in the next couple of months I’ll be there :slight_smile:

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I think it may not work in browser on iOS, but looks like there’s an app that should work. We’ll test today and send more info to everyone who has booked a spot.

Sounds good! We’ll evaluate after this first round, look forward to seeing what we learn. It’d be cool to do more in the future, potentially on other topics, but time is always an issue and really no idea how these will work out, so no promises yet.

Is he someone we should know?

just someone who looked as confused as I felt reading the OP

“Yeah, well that’s just, like, your opinion, man…”


Just checking to see if there may be any more office hour slots opening up next few months…

Not sure honestly, we’re still thinking about this. Probably not something we can do super regularly, and no plans yet for the next couple months. We are considering how we might be able to offer this sort of thing more regularly in the future, perhaps in collaboration with other instructors.

Also of course happy to answer questions here on the forum. I see you’ve got a #technique-critique topic going so we can continue discussion there. Thanks for posting :slight_smile: If/when we’re able to get more office hours on the calendar we’ll definitely let folks know.

Would love a post about what you guys learned from doing this. What are people doing wrong that they thought were right?

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