Ok everyone, have this worked out by tomorrow


shouldnt be too hard, right?



What a noob… he needs to work on his picking and general musicianship… :wink:

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Ive got some of that down…like where he hits that A note on the 5th fret high e string. I got that part pretty solid

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Sheesh I just watched a video of him on YouTube, hes like 11… and ripping…lol

What focus. Hes brilliant.

I feel like J.J. French compared to this kid

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Damn!! Pffffff…hate him!!

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yall tab this out while youre at it

mutant left hand finger independence



This guy has the sound of god in him, unblievable power and feel! Just listening to him is a joy, highly jelous of flamenco players, we’re such tools compared to them.

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Excellent playing.

One thing I noticed is that his wide string skips, are 80% wrist, and maybe 20% shoulder/elbow.
I am still lacking in that area… any skipping >1 string is still pretty tough for me, so maybe I’ll try more wrist motion.

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The string skipping stuff from low to high E at those speeds is just redicilous!
I still do believe that some peolpe are just born with special abbilities.