Ola Englund's upcoming instrumental album


Gotta say, for a guy who always downplays his lead playing and I know mostly for his awesome riffing in a more conventional “band” context, this is unexpectedly great:


I rarely watch any guitar YouTube but I’ve stumbled across a few of his gear reviews and he seems like a great dude, and all-around strong player / musician.


Yeah, OIa’s a really decent guy - he was pretty active for a while on a board I run with a few friends, so when he came through town back when he was touring in Six Feet Under a buddy of mine from that board and I caught them at the Middle East in Cambridge, and we hung out with him for a while before their set and after the show. He’s something crazy like 7’ tall, really nice, super professional, practically dragged us over to check out a couple of his guitars, and then we spent a LONG time after the show doing tequila shots at the bar upstairs. This was the night before the 2012 presidential election, so thank god I had long lines at the polling stations as an excuse to not make it into work until the middle of the morning!

It’s cool to hear him doing something quite a bit different than his Feared project, I’m excited to hear the rest of this.