One of the baddest shredders on youtube

picked vid almost at random. all of his vids have tasty shredding

Strong Yngwie influence and lots of interesting and varied pick mechanics (lots of thumb manipulation at times)

this one is sort of 3 minutes of bluesy stuff then some harder shredding and sweeping


Yeah, really great player! Love that tasty tone, vibrato, phrasing and of course the effortless and smooth picking. This looks so extremely comfortable!

I can tell he’s listened to the Steeler album a lot.

Very cool, also interesting that “bad” now means “good” on the internet - confusing times :smiley:

It seems to me that some of his fastest picking is based on DWPS+swiping, e.g. the ascending scale after 2:27 or so. I think I can hear some of the excess string noise there.

Not at all a knock on the player, just to try and demistify what (I think) may be happening.

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as if on cue

Hes good.

Have you checked out Josh Middleton?

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Fantastic intro shredding, for me this is yet another reminder that sweeping sounds best when played with tight timing (as opposed to mindlessly fast)

Nice job bro…love the Blues licks…it’s nice to see someone playing those maj/min penta’s instead of just hammering on 3-note per string runs and sweeps…Bravo

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