Online Music school courses?

Has anyone here tried any of the online Berkeley courses?..or other music schools? I’m interested in a variety of topics (outside of technique) and am thinking of purchasing something. Looking for any input from someone that has tried this route.

The best Berklee online course I’ve seen is from Gary Burton. Not guitar-based at all (he’s a Vibes player), but great jazz theory concepts for improv.

There’s a free version of this on Coursera:

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In 2008 I took the Berklee online blues guitar course as an elective in high school. It was with Mike Williams. I highly recommend that course, guy is a phenomenal player and teacher.

At the time my technique was horrific and I still found it to be very useful. If you make it through you’ll come out way better for it.

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Just signed up for the course at Coursera. Thanks.

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