Other picked instruments


Continuing the discussion from Sierra Hull Mandolin Technique:

A comment I made in the Sierra Hull thread got me thinking about other plectrum instruments. The mandolin is probably the closest there is to guitar technique, but there are a few other, slightly less known instruments that also use picks. Particularly the Sarod and the Oud.

My question is, 1. would the Code team be interested in exploring some of these, or are they simply too niche and not relevant and 2. would the viewers be interested in it? I’d be interested to hear everyones thoughts.

The sarod maestro, Amjad Ali Khan

and some Oud. I know MUCH less about this type of music (though I actually do have an oud, but no idea how it works) still picked, looks like mostly down strokes!


Hey good question. So…we’re interested in almost everything! And exploring picking technique + other instruments is definitely on our long list of ideas.

Since we’re a small team there’s always a question of priorities; given that we can’t look at every cool topic out there, it’s probably worth focusing on things that, even if they seem niche, might have broader applications or get to the bottom of some cool unanswered question.

It would be great to hear if others are interested, and if so, if there are specific questions / technical topics you’d most want to see explored. And whether or not we end up making videos on e.g. oud or sarod at some point in the future, I think the forum can serve as a great place to discuss this stuff!