Oz Noy has all the movements


We’re always juggling a few things at once! Sorry for the delay on this. We ended up with a bunch of interviews filmed earlier this year and a bit of an editing backlog. We don’t have a specific release date but it’s likely this will be one of the next things we get out.


@Brendan who was that NYC jazz guitarist you were doing an interview with? I forget his name, but Troy posted a video clip of him.


Olli Soikkeli? Great NYC-based Gypsy jazz guitarist, also on our “finish editing” list! Not sure we’ve posted a clip from that interview yet though. Or a bit further back, Mike Stern… Not sure if either of those is what you’re thinking of.


Probably Oz, we haven’t put up any clips of Olli yet but we’re working on it.


@Brendan @Troy, yeah Olli Soikkeli, I thought you guys posted a clip, but it was a live clip that was posted. Great player!