Oz Noy has all the movements


We wrapped up with him today. Incredibly nice guy. Super fluid player and economy master who — get ready — legit did not know he uses sweeping. We both got a laugh out of this. People buy instructional videos to learn the things Oz doesn’t even know he’s using. Killer 2wps and crosspicking skills on top of that. Oz has all the movements. And of course all the music.

Here’s a sample:


Cool clip Troy, I’m looking forward to this one. I read that Oz started off as a metal player, maybe that’s where he perfected his technique?


This is awesome. I just started being able to economy descending this year. I was like Yngwie before then, had to even note/pulloff descending. I’m sweeping both ways now.



Me too man. Just as of recently I started sweeping in both directions and now I have a “pick in the direction of the string change” thing going on where I am either sweeping or inside the string alternating to the next string.


One more. In slow-motion. If you dig altered tonalities, you’ll like this one. It’s too bad Oz is not allowed to play it any more, since it is mine now.


Wow, every note is perfectly clipped and even. With low gain and single coils too… Oz is a true master! @Troy, What amp / effects was Oz going through and how did you record the guitar? Or did he go direct?


Tubescreamer and Echoplex pedal into vintage JCM800 into Cornford 2x12. Some verb in Logic. That’s it.

I do DI the amp but I use an impulse of my exact cab miked with a 57, and it is indistinguishable from a mic in the same position. You can A/B them and not know the difference. In other words, you are hearing the miked up sound of my 800 through the Cornford cab.


Any estimated time available for this interview?
“Soon” could be anything between two minutes and two months :slight_smile:


We’ll try to get this out in the next month, month and a half.


Looking forward to it! Keep up the good work! :+1:


How can he not be aware of changing to economy picking when going faster from high to low. That’s realy strange!


I’ve run into that a few times. it happens to me during faster descending runs. It took me a little while before I realised I was doing it.


Maaaaan isn’t he great!! This for me is my endgame for picking technique. He doesn’t even really ever play lightning fast but his attack and fluidity is to DIE for…

Because you said that he has all the movements @Troy I’m assuming that his technique is fairly sophisticated and that he makes use of many different techniques, interested to learn more about what he’s doing when this interview comes out!!


Yeah I personally don’t have any desire to play much faster than he does. And his technique in an ideal world would definitely be the end game for me too! If I could do what he does I would be perfectly content with my playing. Alas, I can never feel comfortable with it so I’ll stick to dwps.


Is the Oz video up yet?


Your tone is always amazing, very ‘alive’


Not yet, but we’re working on editing it! We’ll get this out as soon as we can.


Oz please… thank you!


Any news on this one? Last mention was in May


Troy hasn’t been around here in a while, I think he’s busy editing and getting something ready for the September release. Maybe it will be the Oz interview.