Paganini Caprice No. 4 on Electric Guitar!

Had to share this, so freaking cool! I need to use more double stops in my playing!

He’s done all 24 if anyone else is into this sorta thing :grin:

From looking at his other videos, my immediate reaction is that he’s also a great example of “flipping” USX lines to play with one-way DSX. Some great playing here.

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Oh really? I’ve been coming to the same conclusion recently, some things are just better suited for one or the other. I’ve been trying to think of USX and DSX like different bowing techniques - that said, I know nothing about the violin :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also, I’d love to hear this piece again on a true temperament guitar, just to see if would take the edge off some of the sharper sounding double stops!

I also wonder if maybe some of that is the amp. The gold badge at the corner of the cab is throwingme bout visually that looks a lot like a Marshall JTM combo - owned one fot a bit, and while it was - clearly - a good sounding amp, there was a lot of “hair” and “buzz” to the top end of the preamp gain, which (IMO) tends to accentuate some of that slight sourness.

I could also just be entirely crazy, of course. :slight_smile: