Palm Muting DSX

Hey everyone just looking for a little advice.

So I’ve been working on the fast descending lick near the end of the intro of Technical Difficulties. I’m sure most of you know the one I’m talking about. I’m primarily an USX player but I’ve been using this lick to build up my DSX chops. Now, I have it where it feels pretty comfortable with DSX but I noticed sometimes that Paul will palm mute much of the descending section.

Now if I begin on an upstroke, I can pull it off with the palm muting. But Paul starts this lick on a downstroke. So, what I’ve been thinking about is this idea of a “primary” escape motion and only changing when you need to, then changing right back.

My question is, would there be a serious speed trade-off by using mostly USX and switching to DSX just to change strings then change right back in order to mute?

Or am I just way overthinking this? (Entirely possible)

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I would just use USX and start on the upstroke.

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I guess I’m not following why palm muting would be an issue in either case.

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Sorry I should have elaborated on that. I can’t palm mute doing DSX. I’ve tried but I just can’t get it to work. The pick doesn’t escape the strings.

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I had this issue when trying wrist motion and it was because I was using a pronated setup, and the pinky side was off the strings completely.

Well kind of explain a little more on how exactly you are doing the DSX? And what motions you are using to do it. DSX is kind of a blanket term that just really means your fanning away from the guitar body with a slight diagonal trajectory on downstrokes, but there are many ways to do this, and I along with many other I’m sure have no problems muting with either.

Also if it’s the lick I’m thinking of, Paul plays it with hammer-ons for the first three notes , and picks the last three, which really gives most people enough time to use whatever. Paul also uses a fair amount of rotation and an almost upward wrist movement for some of those licks (from the top it looks like a chicken or a bird pecking for worms or a skipping record needle)

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That suggests to me you are using a different “form” for DSX and USX. Depending on how you achieve these motions, it may be possible for you to access both from the same setup, so that there should be no difference in muting capabilities of the two cases.

Of course, we can’t say much more without some video :slight_smile:

Here’s some filming suggestions if you feel like doing that!

Thanks! I’ll film some when I can. I’m lightly supinated when USX and I knowingly pronate a bit to get the DSX motion. I’ve tried to get a downstroke escape happening from the lightly supinated setup but I can’t do it fast

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Gotcha! Yeah it can be tricky to get these things working at first. But keep trying every now and then and you may hit upon a new movement with new capabilities!

Not sure you have seen the latest IG post from Troy but the 3-finger grip is highly recommended as an exercise in experimentation: