Paul Gilbert and Randy Rhoads, nice memories

have seen this before:

But not this! Paul waiting in line for Randys autograph. Randy died about 6 weeks later


The mention of Randy’s death reminds me of something very interesting. The first time I ever heard heavy metal was when I was at a friend’s house (I think in the summer between 8th and 9th grade). He played two albums for me - Back In Black and Diary Of A Madman.

There’s something very interesting about those particular choices. Diary Of A Madman was the end of an era for Ozzy - it was the last album featuring Randy Rhoads. It was an awesome epitaph for Randy Rhoads. Meanwhile, Back In Black was made just after the death of Bon Scott (hence “Back In Black” as in the color people wear to funerals) and was the first album of AC/DC to feature the vocals of Brain Johnson.

Both absolutely iconic albums. The death of two legends and the start of the career of a legend in the making.

ya gotta throw in Bonham and Lennon in 1980. lotta folks gone in that era

imma guess the devil was calling in a lot of debts

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