Pedal board of doom!

Finally finished my pedal board!

Chuffed with the sounds I’m getting so far - fat and fuzz rattle!

2 tracks are panned left and right - 2 are center - all have different mix settings to balance them out!

Had a quick jam (excuse the messy fun :slight_smile: ) and recorded it - if you’re interested in going down the parallel fuzz route!


Late response, but dang - that’s a cool little board! Kind of like a nuclear deatomizer type supervillain weapon from the 50’s! I actually JUST picked up a larger Pedal train board today so that I could mount up all my stuff on one, super convenient and portable container…

I dunno, if any of you guys were ever into comics drawn by Jack Kirby I think Pedals and amps are a toatal and complete extension of how he envisioned technology… Anyways, I’ll have my very OWN pedalboard of doom up here shortly…

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Honestly it needs at least 3 more metal zones :rofl:


Well, I have 4 different drives on my board as well; I just like different tones sometimes and they each scratch a different musical itch!! Still lots of work to be done; l gotta midi this stuff up, get a cc controller for the H9, replace the JHS Reverb with a Boss RV500 and remove the Harmonist. Good times!

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I was thinking of picking up that boss delay you have there. I mainly use a kemper, which has plenty of delay options… but can you ever have too much delay…:sweat_smile:

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@shabtronic Sounds sick, what are you tuning to?

You might already jam them, but if not, you might dig Mutoid Man: