Pentatonic stretched USX run-down exercise

Pentatonic stretched USX run-down

A quick run-down pattern I did today, probably already used in someone’s solo in some fashion as it’s a common pattern, but sounds pretty cool if you can do it above 120 BPM.

The first note is optional, and I also like to start it higher on 19, 17, 15 which is slightly more challenging and could be done with a repeating 8 note version before the run-down which is simllar to Vai licks circa DLR, like this:

e: -19-15-17-15----------15-19-15-17-15----------15
B: -------------17-15-17----------------17-15-17---

I’ll give this one a try later today.

I spent some time with the lick, and I like it! Although, I changed it a little, mostly because my attention span has been nil the last few days. This is what I came up with. I cut it off early and added some blue notes, now it has an almost Lynch type vibe.

Here’s a few clips of it as well played in real time, one slower to see movements and hear the notes, and the other a little faster (I think around 150bpm or so in the clip)

Edit: here’s a raw audio feed of a faster tempo without the annoying metronome:

Although one thing I noticed - why does the lick specify USX? It seems like its more specified for DSX, or at very least could be played either way.

Cool ! That’s a nice variation and I was also playing with the blue note on that pattern. Yours is very ‘Dave Mustaine like’ actually. He always used those blue notes together with stretched pentatonic on the high two strings very effectively.

I guess it could be played DSX as well but personally I always have problems playing DSX going down the strings, going up using DSX is completely natural though and that probably something baked into me from years ago. Also outside picking is baked into me and I find inside picking hard to do, just seems alien to me.

I did the lick it as a sort of exercise for USX especially the Vai type patterns I try and play like:

e: -12-17-12-17-12---------
B: ----------------15-12-15


e: -14-19-14-19-14---------
B: ----------------17-15-17

Although he does of course normally use pulloffs in a lot of those licks.

By the way @Fossegrim nice guitar ! Is it an RG with JEM colours or something ? I sure wish I had one anyway I have to try and shred on my old Strat or fake LP.

I’m sure if I got a JEM or something similar I could play faster haha.

@SlyVai yeah I can see mustaine too, he does use those patters together a lot too. Actually that’s all I’m hearing now that you mention it! The reason why I said lynch, was because that’s where I stole cough cough I mean borrowed the walk up from, he plays something very similar during the last couple of bars of the unchain the night solo. He is also notorious for using a lot of the blue notes and chromaticism together in his playing.

The guitar is an old late 90’s 570. It’s kind of an ibanez parts caster I threw together from other Japanese ibanez parts. It’s not really jemish more than I put green pickups in it because I liked the color combo. It’s the guitar I have been using most lately. I go in cycles with things though. I know you were likely joking, but I don’t really notice the guitar itself has any real playing advantages over anything else in my Arsenal.

Yeh I was half joking because that mindset of “if only I could get a £3000 PIA then I could really shred” has probably made a lot of profit for guitar companies and I definitely have that mindset from time to time.

Has yours got the thin neck like a JEM ? For me I think I struggle on the Strat because the neck is very deep, I have relatively small hands compared to players I try to emulate so when I played a JEM in the past it just felt really fast.

The LP copy I have has a wider neck but not as deep as the Strat so sometimes feels easier. I played a Gibson V in my band years ago which I loved because the neck was even shallower than the LP. I still have that V but I rarely play it for some reason. I just find the Strat nice to pick up and noodle on every day.
Still I will get a super strat with a slim neck when I’ve got the funds :slight_smile: Even if it’s just for the Floyd Rose and 24 fret’s so I can play more Vai stuff.

Yeah, all the Japanese RG’s have the super thin wizard neck like the Jems. I have a couple of 90’s era Japanese Jackson dinky’s too that have what seems like even thinner necks and a compound radius.

I actually prefer the slightly thicker and wider wizard II neck on the Korean and Indonesian models. The necks with more mass seem to do something positive imho to the tone and feel of the instrument. When the neck is thin, the instrument seems kind of “plinky” to use an onomatopoeia. I also personally prefer lightly finished all maple neck and finger boards. I like fender necks with flatter radius. I think they are perfect for me at least. I’m sure hands matter somewhat, especially with long stretches, but I don’t know, I’ve seen 8 year kids that seem to have no problems and can navigate the neck better than I can, so I can put up with a little discomfort.